LinkGeoML is a research and development project focusing on performing innovative, industrial research. To this end, it involves one academic partner (Athena R.C./IMSI) and two industrial partners (Eratosthenes SA and Geodata S.A.) as presented next.

Athena R.C.

Athena RC is a research center performing research and development of innovative solutions on ICT. Athena RC participates in the project through the Information Management Systems Institute (IMSI). IMSI was founded in 2007 with the mission of performing research in the field of data management. Within a few years, IMSI managed to establish itself as a leading institute in several research areas, including Geospatial Data Management, Data Analytics, Semantic Web and Linked Data Technologies, Scientific Databases. IMSI has participated and coordinated more a series of Greek and European research and development projects on the aforementioned fields, producing high quality research publications and open source tools. The main objectives of IMSI are:

  • to conduct research, develop applications, and to provide services in the areas of information management and large-scale information systems (research focus),
  • to conduct research within the scope of instituted research programs and respective research projects (project orientation),
  • to transfer resulting technologies to companies in the e-business, e-government, and e-learning domain (technology transfer),
  • to prototype, develop, and test simulation platforms for large scale systems (benchmarking),
  • to certify software products (certification), and
  • to perform tests and comparisons of new technologies and innovative services (studies).

Eratosthenes S.A.

Eratosthenes S.A. has been operating since the mid 70’s and has become one the of the largest and most specialized consultancies in Greece, offering services to the public and private sectors, and the EU, in the fields of engineering, planning, GIS applications and applied research. The company holds a 5th class degree in categories 16 (topography), 10 (transport Syudies), a 3ds class degree in categories 13 (hydraulics), 27 (environmental) and a 2nd class degree in category 2 (urban planning). Taking part in every national programme of Ktimatologio S.A., Ministry of Agriculture, the Cadastral Organizaton and Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works, the company today maintains the richest geodatabase available for the country. The main objectives of Eratosthenes are:

  • To satisfy our clients’ requirements with emphasis on high quality and speedy delivery
  • To develop new advanced methods and techniques for the organisation, management and execution of our projects
  • To constantly follow technological developments which enhance our know-how and productivity 

Geodata S.A.

Geodata S.A. holds a leading position in the spatial data sector, offering a great variety of high quality products that are already widely used both in Greece and abroad. Also, due to our specialized and experienced staff, our company is able to provide customized services in the field of geographic information systems. GeoData S.A. has dynamically entered the field of vehicle navigation systems, providing the detailed maps for Greece, for GARMIN‘s land navigators product line (with full greek language support). Additionally, our company is cooperating with companies such as SPACE HELLAS, BK Telematics, ACE HELLAS, COMPUCON and others, in the field of Fleet Management. The geographic datasets we provide can be used in a variety of business and design applications, including:

  • Vehicle navigation
  • Fleet management
  • Demographic analysis
  • Market & competition analysis
  • Sites evaluation & location planning
  • Client database analysis
  • Networks design and analysis
  • Internet applications development

With more than 240 installations in the private and public sector, both in Greece and abroad, GEODATA S.A. has the knowledge, the experience and the ability to offer solutions that meet any need.